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droidMany wanted to get their hands on the smartphone that in one video featuring megastar James Franco helped save his life. Well, not so much to save their own lives but the smartphone certainly has some to-die-for features.
Those who favor large displays will find this phone lovely, as it has a 5.2 inch display powered by a 2.7 GHz processor. To capture memories or take photos during vacation to upload on your social media, the phone has a camera 21MP camera for high resolution, clear photos. Another great feature of the Droid Turbo is the huge battery that can get you through the day when you do not have access to a power source.

The word droid is a short form of android, which means ��human-like’. The word is used in Star Wars to mean a mechanical being with self-awareness, distinguished from a computer by his ability to move on his own. In the series, droids are built to be intelligent enough to obey rules and commands from humans, but not too intelligent to avoid rebellion. Droids are classified into five, based on the tasks they perform. The most intelligent droids are those in class three, programmed to interact with humans.

George Lucas, owner of Lucasfilm, holds a trademark to the word ��droid’. Due to the popularity of the term, Verizon Wireless has licensed its line of smartphones in this name. They have licensed the term droid with permission from Lucasfilm.

Starting from October 2014, Droid Turbo was made available for purchase directly from Verizon’s site. It is available in ballistic nylon, red and black. If you wish to purchase the 32 GB phones, they cost $199.99 on-contract or $24.99 on EDGE. The 64 GB phones cost $249.99 on-contract or $27.08 on EDGE. For full ownership of the phone, the 32gb phone costs $599.99 while the 64 GB phones cost $649.99. The droids are available to buy now from Best Buy as well.droid3

Considering the amazing specs of the Driod Turbo, the price is worth it. In addition, you get to own a flagship phone that you are unlikely to find just anyone totting on the streets. Hopefully, the phone lives up to its name, droid, and obeys your instructions at all times while performing its tasks intelligently. For those asking ��are droids available to buy now?’ now you know.

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