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giftWondering what could be the best gadget gift ideas for the tech-geek friend or member in your family? Agreed, when it comes to finding a gift for the ones who are always looking to have the latest and the greatest, it is not an unenviable task! You have to ask yourself plenty of questions- what actually works, what is new and, what is hip and trending in the market? Shopping for that gizmo-loving girl or boy can be a hard task as you need to begin by first sorting out what can be truly considered as gift-worthy.

Here we offer some creative suggestions for the best gadget gift ideas that we are sure will delight every wannabe techie on your gifting list. Read on and enjoy this ride through the world of innovative, modern, and technologically advanced gadgets.
The world’s first 3D-printing pen: If you have a creative cousin, you can let him bring his imagination to life
with this unique 3D pen that ejects a warm thermoplastic material. This allows the creation of creative 3D models that harden within a matter of seconds, giving you an attractive creation. Think of this product as a combination between an ink pen and a glue gun.

Ringly smart jewelry: She may think of it as a simply fabulous new cocktail ring. What she needs to know is that this is an alerting device that can be synced with her phone. Every notification, be it for e-mails or calls, will be informed to her through colored lights and discrete vibrations. This way, she won’t be required to keep peeking at her mobile device from time to time.

VIDDY DIY camera: It’s about time you put down your phone and embrace old school photography once again. This DIY camera kit is totally equipped with all tools that will help you build a perfectly working pinhole camera with which you can go around capturing your special moments.

Felix HoldTight iPhone 6 case: The next time the runner in your family goes out for a jog, he won’t have to worry about where to store his earbuds, cash, or ID. Decorative bands on this iPhone 6 case provide a secure hold for these essential items while not contributing to the overall bulk of the gadget.

Jensen DJ Scratch mixer: Let your loved one scratch around on this portable turntable so that they never miss a beat ever again. Their MP3 or iPod are good sources from where they can get the music to practice on and develop their skills.
Leather bluetooth wireless speaker: Forget the age of the guitar. This luxe leather case hides within itself a wireless speaker which is just perfect for your the next singalong around the campfire.

GoPro Hero: This camera may look tiny but its sturdy design is meant to withstand everything- mud, water, as well as snow. Who knows, it probably will be able to handle toddlers also! So go out and shoot any adventure you want, and then share it wirelessly with the world.

So there you have a list of recommended gadgets to present as gifts to your techno-freak loved ones. The options in this regard are endless and what we have mentioned out here comprises no more than the tip of the iceberg. Which of these would you prefer for yourself? Feel free to comment your recommendations about the best gadget gift ideas.

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