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game2015 is underway, and Guild Wars 2 is still the best 2015 online game. A sequel to Guild Wars, it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). The user can enjoy playing it subscription free after the initial payment. Guild War boasts of the detailed scenes and top quality graphics. The sound and music is beyond excellent.

The world in which it is set up is pretty amazing in itself. Developers have taken great care to incorporate even the smallest details. With its exploration, it will suck the user in its world and make them a true part of its world. The feature that makes it stand out is its dynamic event. Each player has his or her own personal storyline and the action of the players can change the course of the play.

Guild Wars 2 can be played as a solo player or as a guild, although experiencing it as a guild offers better options. It can be played in three sets—player vs player, player vs environment or world vs world allowing users of all kinds to enjoy the story. Game play is never boring. There is a lot of action and lots of things happening around the world so the player is never bored. There also are dungeons to explore which offers variety of rewards to the users. The newbies are easily inducted and the veterans do not leave the community. Probably that is why it is the best 2015 online game.game2

The most common issue the player faces with it is the purchase of cash from the shop, but that is mostly for the convenience of the players. It does not require any special purchases for moving forward after the initial purchase. Another point that irks people is that the player only has the maximum power with respect to the area. But these all are just minor quibbles.

Its quality can be judged by the fact that even though it has been around for quite some time now, it still is as populargame3 among the masses as it was in its initial stage. Regular updates are released by the company and no player has ever complained about finding a bug. With abundant exploration options, enticing quests, it is one of the most addictive MMORPG. No game has beaten its lure yet, and hence it still holds the title of the best 2015 online game.

SO all of the gamers who love to play the online games, Guild war 2 is a must play for all who have thirst to play great games.

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