How to fax using google mail

Some few decades back the world functioned through the use of posted mail in what was fondly called snail mail because of how long it took to get to its destination. Email then came into the picture and revolutionized the way people communicated. Yet even email had its limitations. With limited storage capacities, you could only get so many emails without being able to get more. The fax was another way people communicated. It created a fast and efficient way to send and receive documents. But one of its greatest limitations was not being able to access the documents from anywhere else but where the fax machine was. But it is now possible to send and receive soft copy documents through Google. This guide on faxing through Google mail will show you exactly how it is done.

Third party software

2Google mail has changed the way people interact with email services. It increased storage capacity, created greater tools of interaction like Google voice, and keeps advancing its ability for interaction both for business and personal use. It is, however, not offering fax services directly. This fax service is offered by third-party solutions that use Google mail to send virtual faxes to your Gmail account. You are given a phantom fax number that you can use to send and receive faxes. This third party service comes at a cost, but the good news is that you get a month’s trial to experience how it works. The service is a straightforward process which you will learn here.

Getting and using your virtual fax number

When you set up your account with a third party fax sending provider, you get a virtual number that will identify you. This number will include an area code as well as have the addition of the third party domain name at the end. Once you have a fax to send you will hit the “compose” button to start creating a new email. You will then input the number of the receiver while ending it with the domain of your third party provider. You will insert this number in the “TO” section of the email you are composing. You will then insert the title of the fax in the “Subject” part of the email.

Inserting fax documents

Inserting the documents you intend to fax is an easy process as inserting the fax number. This guide on faxing through Google Mail explains it. You will attach the documents from any of the folders you would normally access. This includes getting them from Google Drive or any cloud-based storage service. There are a couple of document formats you can send using this service. You will need to confirm the acceptable formats from the third party service provider so as to ensure the documents you send can be delivered and converted on the receiver’s end. If you decide to include a cover letter to the fax, then it will go in the message section of the email.

The sending process

3The sending process of how to fax through Google mail takes the same step as normal email. You will simply hit the send button after you verify that all the details are correct. Double check that the number you have inserted is correct as well as the documents you have attached. Once you send the email, you will get a confirmation delivery mail.

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