Engineered Mice 11

Humanized Mice Used for Medical Research Increases the Potential for Cures and Treatments to Be Found Quickly

In toxicology tests, non-human primates (NHPs) are picked as many fit to studies of neurology, behavior, reproduction, genetics, and xenotransplantation.

They are also used in Aids tests. They are mostly purpose bred in USA, Engineered Mice 09China, and Europe, however, they are also captured in the wild or even collected from zoos and circuses. There is a terrific demand for them in labs as they are thought about as being crucial to vaccine development, as well as

“Animal testing precedes human trials, however if we do not know whether the animal testing is relevant to the problem in people, it will certainly lose even very little predictive value. The continued use of broad spectrum multi-strain/ multi-species checking vividly shows that researchers do not know which lab results can be legitimately applied to human beings”.

Engineered Mice 10We have been liable for using animals in our inquiry into physiological function and for our experiments in looking for a remedy for problems. This has been since the earliest recognized test of the Romans and Greeks in the 2nd and 4th century respectively. Those such as Galen were known not just for their organic remedies as well as for their early experiments on animals. There is little known of these activities in the following centuries when there were no doubt extreme spiritual ethics in place to ban such work.

However, using animals such as mice that are specifically bred for laboratory testing has become an important part in the development of many medicines and vaccines for humans.Engineered Mice 11

Without these tests been carried out it would be a rather tough task for scientists to carry out groundbreaking research in the pursuit of developing cures for human ailments.

As much as there are issues with the treatment of animals and that they should not be used to perform laboratory tests, it has become a need and without carrying out these test the human race may be at a loss.

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