Importance of Faxing for your Business

You thought fax was something that the world was done with. Well, fax is here to stay. Faxing is alive and is in fact growing. But you may ask yourself, why do you need to fax when you can just send documents by email? Here are reasons why you need to send fax online free.


TechnologyThe advancement of cloud-based services has really changed how businesses and consumers share and consume information. Cloud-based services have allowed people to be able to share documents anywhere and anytime. Cloud faxing is, therefore, no exception. Nowadays you don’t need to have a fax machine to send and receive faxes. You can fax electronically by sending fax online for free.

Global Reach

Businesses and government agencies still recognize faxing as a central means of sending and receiving information. This is because no technology has ever superseded faxing. With the establishment of cloud-based faxing, you can now simplify your existing workflows. There will be no need to maintain fax servers and telephone lines thanks to cloud-based faxing. By adopting faxing, your business will have a global reach.

Delivery and Audit Confirmation

If you are running a business that is in a sector that is highly regulated like the finance, legal or health sector, you may be aware of the need for compliance. Using fax will, therefore, help your business in terms of delivery confirmation since the receiving fax must always acknowledge that they have received the document successfully.
Using fax leaves an audit trail that is very critical to your business’ compliance strategy. This is unlike emailing and text messaging that does not leave any audit trail.


Since faxing is nowadays cloud-based, they, therefore, provide the most secure transmission. This is because of the Transmission Layer Protocol that ensures the document you are transmitting is secured to give you a piece of mind. Another advantage that faxing has over basic emailing in terms of security is that the documents sent can be stored with a 256-bit advanced encryption standard while they are on cloud networks.


faxElectronic faxing is widely accepted due to its universally accepted protocol. This has made fax technology to be ubiquitous since it has been deeply integrated into the business processes of most companies worldwide. Faxing is now used to transfer financial information and medical records among government agencies and businesses. You should, therefore, feel confident to also migrate to faxing.

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