Why is a Mobile Phone Antenna Required?

Radio waves are electromagnet in nature, and they carry signals across the airspace and at very high speed like that of light. Antennas, in this case, is an essential gadget which is used by radio receivers to couple electric connection to reach the electromagnetic field. A mobile phone being a radio magnet device it also requires an antenna before communication can be done. In most cases, antennas are used in improving the signal so communication can be complete and the information is given as expected.
Poor signal on your mobile phone can be caused by a number of reasons. In the current world, you can’t operate with a mobile phone whose coverage is poor. For this reason, if you experience poor signal whenever you use your mobile phone you should consider using a Nighthawk M1 antennas. This will help you improve your signal and enhance your communication. You may be wondering what causes poor signal yet you have a very good device. In this article, we explain how signal s are affected despite having strong devices.

Building penetration

One of the causes of mobile signal getting poor is because of the building which prevents the signals from hiyuiypenetrating. High buildings made of heavy materials like concrete prevent penetration of mobile signal. Other types of materials that make it difficult for signals to penetrate are foil insulations and metals. This explains why you will find a strong signal outside and inside it is very poor.

Distance factor

fhdhThis is a very common cause of why you will experience poor signal on your mobile phone. The distance from the cell tower will determine how strong or weak your signal will be. For instance, if you are near the cell tower you will exercise good signal. However, if you are relatively far from the cell tower, then you will not have an adequate supply of signal. Using an antenna will help in receiving the signal well, and then you can receive it from the antenna.

Your terrain

Radio waves are diffracting in nature. When you travel over the hill you will realize that you may have changed your signal. Sudden or large changes in your terrain will affect your phone signal. Such cases demand that you raise you’re your phone antenna which will pick a signal for your phone. In addition, an area with many trees will experience poor signal. The trees will diffuse the signal hence causing it not to penetrate over to your phone. Radio waves work best in areas which are clear and do not have barriers.

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