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The Real Benefits of a Telephone System

Communication is perhaps the most crucial element for any business. It does not matter which industry you are in, whether industrial, manufacturing, services or retail, without communication your business will crumble and will cause chaos.

For centuries, communication has been vital in many walks of life, from the time of messages delivering messages to the most recent technology of email and the internet. Without communication the, world would not be able to advance.

Let us consider telephones in this article, telephones systems are a very Telephone Systems 07important part of a business. Especially for large companies that employ hundreds of people in one building. A telephone system allows calls to be made out and calls to be received by the company. The telephone switchboard is managed by the receptionist of telephone operator who will either place a call on your behalf or direct an incoming call to your desks extension number.

For a company to have hundreds of employees and have the same number of direct phone lines is not practical. It is not only costly but also will be impractical. That is why having a telephone system is so vital. Such a system is also called a PABX system, and they now have many more functions than simply directing calls.

Telephone Systems 08The new advanced systems have features such as Extension mailboxes, for when a person is not as his desk the caller can leave a message. They also allow the caller to listen to music or a company advertisement while on hold. They are also been now used to generate reports of the companies total talk times and costs and also many other reports that are useful to calculate the efficiency of the companies employees.

Telephone systems are advancing even further with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) where the company can now route calls whether local or international through the internet by using a VOIP provider. This is especially Telephone Systems 09beneficial for companies that make a lot of overseas telephone calls. The cost of VOIP is much lower than regular phone calls and due to the advancement of technology the quality is on par with regular phone calls.

The new telephone systems can also now be programmed to divert calls to employees mobile phone should they be in the field for some reason. In this way, the employee does not have to give out his mobile number but can be contacted on it through the company telephone number.

All these are great benefits and can add to the productivity and efficiency of a company.

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