Top Benefits Of Google Fax Services

Google fax services have now made it possible to dispatch and receive fax communications directly from your Gmail account. This makes it very convenient and cost effective to carry on your fax correspondence in a highly time-efficient manner. In fact, you can now fax from Gmail from any location. Let us now take a look at some of the most notable benefits of Google fax services; you ought to be aware of.

Benefits of Google fax services

No need for a fax machine

This service totally eliminates the previously mandatory reyh2we7du8edi92o202quirement to invest in a conventional fax machine for you to send or receive faxes. Gone are the days when you had to purchase a fax machine and set up a dedicated fax number to enjoy the benefits of faxing. All you now need to do is set up a Gmail account, and make use of a freely provided virtual fax number and you are good to go. This online fax number facilitates for the capturing and sending of inbound and outbound faxes, which are then redirected straight to your Gmail inbox and recipients respectively.

Send and receive faxes from almost anywhere

The Google fax service is highly noted for allowing users to send and receive fax messages directly through their mobile devices. This works for all platforms, from iPhone, Android to Windows Phone and even Blackberry. All you simply have to do is take the necessary time to download the right mobile app for the exact platform you use.

What this boils down to is you can now send and receive faxes from virtually any location you might be and at any given moment. This does away with the past inconvenience of having to be physically present in your office to efficiently conduct your fax correspondence.

Additional benefits of Google fax services

Besides ttg2e6dy7eu82i292he above-listed advantages, you can also get to access a couple more. To begin with, you have the option of sending and receiving your faxes directly from your preferred email address. Secondly, this service is seamlessly compatible with MS Outlook and MS Word, meaning you can effortlessly synchronize documents from this applications.

Another of the most critical benefits of Google fax services is, without a doubt, what is known as fax broadcasting. This feature lets you dispatch one fax to multiple recipients simultaneously. You can also greatly benefit from the fax scheduling functionality, which permits you to schedule the exact time when a fax message is sent to the recipient automatically. Finally, you get the assurance of optimal security of all your fax correspondence. This is thanks to the advanced encryption and protection technology that this service makes use of.

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